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All testimonials displayed are from actual customers. This is a small sampling of the many testimonials we have received.

I wish I would have known about RegCLEAN before I spent more than $100 (THREE TIMES!) to have some geek repair my PC. It would work for a while, then I'd have to take it back. Now I know why. I started using RegCLEAN and I haven't had to go back to the tech. Bet he hates you guys.

- Peter Colbar - Columbia, Missouri

I don't know how in the world my computer was even working at all. Your program found more than 140 errors! I can't believe the difference RegCLEAN has made. Everything works faster, from startup to shut down, I don't have any of the problems I used to. I'm definitely not keeping any of my computers without a copy of RegCLEAN on them!

- Lindsey Orgold - Prescott, Arizona

I honestly had my doubts about whether or not RegCLEAN would take care of the problems I was having with my PC. I wasn't surprised when the scan returned errors. My doubt was about whether or not fixing the errors would really have any impact on my system. No I have no doubt at all that RegCLEAN is the BEST investment I have ever made. I'm saving time and have a lot less frustration with my system.

- Samuel Pearson - Skokie, Illinois

It was bad enough that I was having serious computer problems. My system kept crashing and freezing and I couldn't figure out why. Then I had to deal with this arrogant jerk over at the "geek team" who would magically "fix" the problems, but couldn't tell me what he did or what had been wrong with my system. When I started having troubles for the fourth time in a row, my friend suggested I try RegCLEAN. I owe him BIG time. It fixed my computer and now I don't have to deal with Mr. "I know everything but tell you nothing" computer geek over at the computer place.

- Peter Levinson - Green Bay, Wisconsin

I'm from the old school. Computers are hard enough for me to deal with and I always think things should be repaired by a professional. My daughter finally had enough of me wasting her inheritance and decided to install RegCLEAN on my computer so I'd stop taking it in every time it acted up. She didn't even really have to teach me to use it since it's so easy to work with. Now I use RegCLEAN all the time just to see if it finds any new errors. It made this old man change his way of thinking!

- Stanely Budluvski - Fort Polk, Louisiana

I can't tell you how many times I blamed my computer's performance on the things my teenage daughter was downloading and the programs she was using. Now I know it was the registry all along! Ever since I installed RegCLEAN my computer has been performing ten-times better and I don't even have to fight with my daughter anymore about what she did or what she downloaded. I guess I owe her an apology (and she's got you to thank for that!).

- Andrea Syberth - Lexington, Kentucky


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