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On this web page fellow German learners share with you their experiences of Rocket German Premium. I am sure that you will enjoy reading how Rocket German Premium has helped so many people to learn German! Will you be next?

Success Story #1:Chris Dawson

"...most importantly for me, it's fun. I'm really enjoying doing the lessons; I'm enjoying making the new sounds and learning the new words...."

Guten Tag, ich hei?e Chris, ich komme aus New Zealand and I've been doing Rocket German Premium for about a month now.

I would definitely recommend it to other people and here are a few reasons why.

First and most importantly for me, it's fun. I'm really enjoying doing the lessons; I'm enjoying making the new sounds and learning the new words. The lessons are paced about right, it's not boring, but it's not overwhelming at the same time.

Also it's quite convenient. I can download the MP3's to my iPod and take them with me. I can download the PDF's to my laptop with the grammar exercises. And if I don’t have my laptop or my MP3 player on me, I can get them from the website which is a few clicks away. There's no bulky books or CD’s to carry around with me whenever I want them.

Also the course is really good value for money. I’ve done a few language courses before and they can be quite expensive.

I got a number of German friends where I live and I'm already trying out what I know on them, and that’s good fun.

In a months time I'm going to Europe. I'm going to Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Heidelberg and I really can't wait to practice what I know on my friends over there and the "man on the street". And I think the main benefit of this course is that now I have the confidence to do so.

I really enjoyed this course. I recommend Rocket German Premium and I think you'll like it too. So danke sch?n for listening to me auf Wiedersehen.

Chris Dawson
New Zealand

Success Story #2: Jason Rotheram

"...the Rocket German Premium course you can expect and ease of learning that you dictate and doesn't dictate to you..."

Rocket German Premium has helped me in my general interactions with foreign tourists and visitors from around the world as well as locals who also speak the German language. Not to mention that when I take that European holiday I'll feel more at easy talking the lingo.

I work shift work and attending classroom tutorials just wasn't convenient for me and a little bit too time consuming. By learning through Rocket German Premium I was able to get through the material when I wanted to and at a pace and learning style that was comfortable for me.

If you have friends or family that want to learn a foreign language, then I would recommend that they get in on the act and you learn it together, this will only enhance your Rocket Language learning experience and make it so much easier for you and your study buddy or buddies to pick up on the German way of learning.

When you purchase the Rocket German Premium course you can expect an ease of learning that you dictate and doesn't dictate to you as well as a world opening up to you. Auf Wiedersehen and have fun.

Jason Rotheram

Success Story #3: Kelly Scali

"After just two weeks all I can say is its Awesome! I honestly cannot believe I lost my fear of speaking 100%! "

Click the button to hear Kelly

KellyHi my name is Kelly Scali. I just have to say that I am not the type of person to believe in something so much that I would do a testimonial. You always think that these things are a fake anyway.

But not in this case, I would absolutely recommend Rocket German Premium to anyone who wants to learn a language.

I have tried almost everything to learn German with no real success.

I took four semesters in college, adult classes, listened to CD’s, played computer programs, had books galore and just couldn’t master it, not even with German speaking mom or fianc?. I just couldn’t grasp it and I was so afraid to sound ridiculous until Rocket German Premium.

Just to give you a little background, my mom was born in Germany and left when she was 21 to marry my American soldier father, so when she came to the U.S. she was so set on learning English that she didn’t even want to teach my sister and I German, even though we went there regularly as kids.

As an adult I traveled there every year for the past six years and relied on everyone to speak English, which they did of course, but that didn’t help. In fact I met my fianc? there, so I realize I have to learn this language, even though he is fluent in English. Too embarrassed to allow him to teach me, to his frustration, I thought I would try one more thing. While searching I saw the Rocket German Premium link. After reading about it and then trying for the 6 free lessons, I was completely hooked. I knew I couldn’t go wrong and the price was really reasonable.

So after just two weeks all I can say is its Awesome! I’m speaking and comprehending everything they teach, even my mom and my fianc? are amazed and impressed on my progress, but mostly over the fact that I will speak to them now. My fianc? is so happy because now I allow him to actually take me further with the language, and learn new things. And trust me, this is no easy task.

I know this sounds too good to be true, but believe me, it is. It’s so much fun, and very interactive, and you actually feel like you are having a real conversation, which you are, with Nik and Paul the presenters..

I always felt that I wasn’t learning real life language skills, and could never put it together. This course gives me exactly what I need. They teach real life situations, and don’t bombard you with the grammar rules like classes and books do, but you still learn this stuff too. I do admit that having a bit of knowledge on some of the vocab and grammar helps, but it’s not at all necessary with this course. It actually takes you step-by-step and you really do learn.

Every morning while I am getting ready for work, I start the lessons. I play the same lesson for two days before I moving to the next, and I always repeat the last lesson first to refresh my memory and keep the old stuff alive in my head. After every series I listen to the whole lesson one more time before moving onto the next level. I even print out the lessons and carry with me to study wherever I am. I know if I don’t keep it up, I won’t be able to keep it in.

My fear and embarrassment is what set me back and obviously hindered me from retaining anything. I honestly cannot believe I lost my fear of speaking 100%. I never in a million years thought it would be possible. I actually started to think I just didn’t have the talent to learn another language but this course made me realize that I just wasn’t learning it the correct way. The biggest benefit for me is to be able to get over the fear because I have Nik and Paul to talk to, so to speak.

I don’t want anyone to take my word for it – they have to try it for themselves. You will, without a doubt, feel the same way, I guarantee it, and if you are still unsure, I’d be more than happy to give my email address to anyone that wants to hear it from me firsthand.

So, anyway, I just wanted to say “Thanks Rocket German Premium, this is really, really a great course”

Kelly Scali
Chicago, USA

Success Story #4: Sophie Walker

"I would definitely recommend it to any one wanting to learn German; from beginners to those who have let their German skills lapse."

SophieIt had been many years since I had made use of the German I learned at school. I initially had been fairly close to fluent but as I had not used it in years much of the grammar and vocabulary I had learnt had been forgotten.

Rocket German Premium rapidly helped me regain all the knowledge I had lost. It is basic enough for beginners but challenging enough for those wanting to re-establish their skills in German.

The interactive games make it more fun than any other online language course I have tried. The Interactive Audio Course was very comprehensive and the dialogue was easy to follow. Thanks to Rocket German Premium I regained the confidence to speak German with my friends and co-workers. I would definitely recommend it to any one wanting to learn German; from beginners to those who have let their German skills lapse.

Sophie Walker
Christchurch, New Zealand

Success Story #5: Henry F. Beechhold

"I find that Rocket German Premium has served me better than any of the others, including the one commonly used by the U. S. State Department."

HenryHaving a knowledge of German — my father came from Germany — and having tried various commercial programs for bringing my fading German back to life, I find that Rocket German Premium has served me better than any of the others, including the one commonly used by the U. S. State Department.

The approach taken by the developers of Rocket German Premium is, in the current clich?, “user friendly.”

In fact after trying only one of the free lessons, I bought the entire package — well worth the cost. I highly recommend it. By the way, I’m a retired professor of linguistics. I’m nearly 80 years of age, but still able to tell the good from the bad with respect to language education! Rocket German Premium is good!

Henry F. Beechhold
New Mexico, U.S.A

Success Story #6: Carlos Gonz?lez Amor?n

"...Everyone who purchases Rocket German Premium will gain more than what they’ve spent. They will learn one of the most important languages in the world, and what is very important, having a lot of fun...."

CarlosI recommend the Rocket German Premium Course to everyone who wants to learn German in a fast and effective way, because I was speaking German from the very first lesson on. Yes, from the first introduction lesson on all and everyone can speak German and learn a lot as long as you advance to the next lesson.

When I was a little kid I used to travel with my family to the beautiful and lovely country of Switzerland and since then I always wanted to learn German and be able to communicate to those lovely and friendly people.

So when I was older I set myself the goal to learn German, no matter how hard it would be. I bought books, courses and I never got to say a word in German, very frustrating. A couple of months ago I was looking on the Internet for something else that would help me to learn German at last. I found the Rocket German Premium Course and I said why not? It looked good and I bought it. I can say this is the best money ever spent. If you wish to learn German like I did, buy the Rocket German Premium Course, you won’t regret it, believe me.

With the books I bought before as well with some other course I learned a lot of grammar and vocabulary, grammar and vocabulary and that's it, but grammar and vocabulary are not very useful when you travel to a German speaking country or you want to talk to someone in German if you don't know HOW TO SPEAK. In this course I’m learning a lot- not just grammar and vocabulary but most importantly to SPEAK it.

I'm a Spanish speaker and I lived in the U.S.A. for a while, so I can also speak English. German is the language left for me to learn and I know that it is going to be very useful here at my work, since I'll be able to speak the most important languages here in Europe. I'll soon travel to Switzerland and Austria, and I’m really excited to use the little German I’ve learned so far.

Everyone who purchases Rocket German Premium will gain more than what they’ve spent. They will learn one of the most important languages in the world, and what is very important, having a lot of fun. The course does not only consist of audio lessons and written material, but has very fun games and more that will enrich the learning experience.

Thanks a lot for this opportunity.


Carlos Gonz?lez Amor?n
Toledo, SPAIN

Success Story #7: Casey Argall

"So here I am nearly two weeks later and mum and I are already having small conversations in German "

Click the button to hear Casey

CaseyHi, my name is Casey, and I’m from Australia.

I’ve been using Rocket German Premium for just under two weeks now. I started off with the 6 day course, which is a great way to get the feel for Rocket German Premium.

Since I brought Rocket German Premium, I’ve progressed in learning German a great deal. I find Rocket German Premium fun and I’m motivated to listen and learn, and I get to join in, not just listen, which is great.

The Flashcards are fun and easy to use – actually everything about Rocket German Premium is fun and easy to follow. My favorite game is MegaAudio.

It has helped me a lot with hearing German and knowing what is being said to me. I find now when I listen to my favorite German group (band) I can pick words out and understand them. I’m not good with sticking to things, but with Rocket German Premium my mind is always stimulated and I’m never bored.

So here I am nearly two weeks later and mum and I are already having small conversations in German, which is so cool. I would recommend Rocket German Premium, not just because it’s fun, easy to follow and the price is great, but because most of all it works.

Casey Argall
Victoria, Australia

Success Story #8: Bruce de Rowan

"Rocket German Premium has to be the best way to learn the language"

Rocket German Premium has to be the best way to learn the language - I download the lessons to use in the car, as I drive a lot, so it's a really useful package. Having tried both successfully and unsuccessfully to learn new languages in the past, Rocket German Premium has been the easiest, most convenient format yet!

Bruce de Rowan

Success Story #9: Gavin Prendergast

"...made me the person other travelers turn to for getting stuff!"

Hi guys

I have been traveling around Europe for the last couple of months and have been practicing my German extensively while I have been in Germany and Switzerland. Rocket German Premium has certainly helped me take leaps and bounds out of the learning process. I have found that I am ordering food and coffee with no problem at all and one of the best things is that the locals want to talk to me and find out what I am up to so I am finding a whole bunch of new experiences and great people!!

The best part of the course for me has been Nik and Paul's audio tracks, especially handy with the amount of traveling I have been doing. Finding my way round the post office and ordering wine (everyone leaves me to do it!) have made me the person other travelers turn to for getting stuff!

Thanks for putting together a great course that makes learning fun rather than a chore!

Auf Wiedersehen,

Gavin Prendergast
Washington, USA

Success Story #10: Jenny Tyler

"...I was amazed to find that Rocket German Premium actually got me speaking again..."

I went to Germany on an exchange program and made loads of friends there. We seemed to be able to communicate very well in person, considering my German wasn't even as good as their English. (OK, so I knew how to say "Auf Wiedersehen!" and a few other words) We exchanged e-mails (though mine were more like one-liners) but I found I couldn't even write as much as I'd been able to say when I was over there, and you just can't point to something in an e-mail!

I really missed just speaking and saying German words, so was determined to put in the effort to learn enough to do this properly. I was amazed to find that Rocket German Premium actually got me speaking again. I find myself making up all sorts of sentences, based on the ones covered in the audio course, that actually apply to me, and with the grammar section, I'm much more confident at writing stuff down now, even if I don't get it exactly right. I checked out a few of the 'usual' learn German products, and nothing had anything like the real people you hear on Rocket German Premium, and it never feels like a chore to listen. (Quite funny, in fact).

I have already recommended Rocket German Premium to friends I know of, who also want to travel, especially the lazy ones, who won't read 'teach yourself...' books, even if they buy them. I'd definitely extend that recommendation to people I don't even know, because it really is great! You can do as much as you want at a time, go over new stuff as much as you like, and test yourself with the online games.

The course doesn't assume you know any German to start with, and they don't start referring to words with scary names either, like some books do, in fact, they even say that you don't have to know things like what nouns and verbs are, because they just describe it and give examples as they go. I reckon that if you didn't know any German at all, and say you booked a trip to go there a month later, you'd feel really confident by the time you got there. Two months and you'd be totally ready!

Well, I've booked my next trip already, I'll let you know how it goes... Thank you Rocket German Premium; I nearly lost contact with some good friends, but now I foresee lots more trips on my agenda!

Jenny Tyler
San Francisco, USA

The critics just LOVE Rocket German Premium

Here's what they have to say...

If you really want to quickly and easily learn German, Rocket German Premium is by far the best choice and the cheapest premium language course available on the market.

The interactive computer games are a great way to develop your vocabulary - and an entertaining educational experience. Playing the games and having fun while learning greatly increases the ability to improve your verbal recognition skills.

The audio lessons are designed to get you speaking conversational German quickly. They work too, because the course is both efficient as well as interesting. You will learn practical German that you can start using immediately.

It is available online for download, so you won't have to wait.

Rocket German Premium is a surprisingly good German language audio course at an excellent price. It concentrates on conversations in German with the listener repeating the sentences as they are broken down into parts. The accompanying games are excellent and should be considered in their own right. Pricewise, possibly the best value German language course available.

I wish Rocket German Premium had come out earlier! Unlike all the other programs I found Rocket German Premium combines both audio and software in the one package.  I found this great, because I could play the games on my computer if I was feeling bored and then I could listen to the (13 hours of) mp3's while I was on the way to work or even going for a jog.

Rocket German Premium is great because it focuses on actual spoken German. Thanks to Rocket German Premium, I was told quite a few times that I was actually speaking "real" German - something Germans don't hear very often in foreigners.

Best of all, this is also the cheapest product.

Of all the learning German programs I have come across, my favorite is "Rocket German Premium". This is the program for learning German in the least time possible.

I have had a number of students who have followed this with my classes and the results have been amazing. The technical aspects of grammar, colloquial usage, and pronunciation are very well covered.

Rocket German Premium is my top recommendation for anybody who wants to master the German language.

There is no waiting time either (download immediately) so you can get started right now.

I think the Rocket German Premium course represents good value. You get an Audio and e-book course and 3 software games. The forum and follow ups can help you to get help and stay motivated as you learn. Although it is not easy learning a new language, Rocket German Premium can certainly make the task easier provided you are consistent and focused about learning German.

Rocket German Premium is a learning kit that will help you master the language easily and effectively.  It is a perfect combination of exercises, games and activities that make learning fun. With dedication and effort you can learn the language in just three months.
Available online - you can take lessons at anytime, anywhere – so if you need to learn German really fast then Rocket German Premium is just right for you.

Rocket German Premium is all about learning German fast. It is designed to adapt to people’s busy lifestyles. German is (the creator, Paul) Weber’s native language so you are being taught by someone who knows the language inside out. It’s been put together by a native speaking German and it has helped thousands world wide learn to speak German fast.

Rocket German Premium is a great overall software package to learn German. The software is instantly available via download and comes bundled with features other programs call "bonus" gifts. Audio, interactive games, flash cards, and more are all included here for one low price. Unbeatable and unparalled support. Rocket German Premium tops them all.

Rocket German Premium offers a simple and effective way of learning how to speak German confidently and naturally in less than 8 weeks. The system is fun, easy and practical to learn.

One customer who used to be a linguistic professor even agreed that Rocket German Premium was easier to learn than some of the more popular language learning systems out there on the market.

Another customer said since using the Rocket German Premium system, when he goes traveling around Europe, he has a better experience being able to speak with the locals and carry on conversations.

The first thing that I liked about Rocket German Premium: it teaches contemporary German language. I know German is a difficult language to learn but Rocket German Premium succeeds in making this difficult language easy and fun to learn. It does so by providing interactive language games and audio examples. Rocket German Premium uses interactive audio to not only teach you vocabulary and common phrases but also to pronounce them correctly.

I especially liked the interactive games that make learning German a fun thing to do without having the impression that you are 'taking a lesson'.

Compared with other German courses of similar quality Rocket German Premium is a bargain.

Well, the Rocket German Premium Learning Program is absolutely amazing! I could actually carry on a basic conversation after the first lesson! And I wasn't just parroting sounds - I actually knew what I was saying, and could alter my sentences enough to change "How are you doing?" to "How am I doing?" Needless to say, after only a few lessons, I was doing just fine.

I love about the flexibility of the Rocket German Premium Language Learning Software. I can listen to the audio lessons on my MP3 player whenever I had a free moment –driving to work, fixing dinner, or working in the garden. The interactive games built my vocabulary while I play, help my grammar, and even teach me about German culture.

Regardless of your learning style, I'm positive you'll be able to learn to speak and understand modern conversational German faster with Rocket German Premium than with any other language program on the market today.

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Dear Paul Weber, I commend you for your efforts in putting the documentations on Rocket German Premium together. The 6 Day Course is really interesting.
- Adine Paul, (USA)

Wie geht's, Paul Weber? Mir geht's sehr gut. I want to provide my special thanks to you. I found your Rocket German Premium course very interesting and helpful. Thank you again for your help.
- Dessie Belete, (Ethiopia)


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