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     Your exercises floored me.  After months of stabbing pain, just

     one day of exercising and I had a major breakthrough in

     mobility and pain relief.  I could only raise my arm to the side 45

     degrees with out pain.  After heating the muscles up with your

     exercises I now have a full range of motion.  I know Iím on the road to

     recovery.  Iím 55 and fit.  




     Steven Pryne 





     Hi Brian,


     The program is going really well.  I have almost full mobility back

     in my arm and shoulder and no longer have any pain except

     on a very few tasks.  I am still doing the program and each day my

     arm gets better and better.  I am now able to go back to the gym

     and enjoy my aerobics classes and weights program without

     any discomfort. Previously I couldn't sleep at night from the

     pain in my shoulder and that pain has totally disappeared.


     Thank you so much.  I had tried lots of other things and medication

     but your program was the only thing that worked.  Thank you,

     thank you, thank you.


     Gemma Jones





     Hi Brian,

     I wanted to drop you a line and thank you!  I could not sleep and had
     a hard time raising my arm above my head.  I am about 85% today
     and sleep great and don't have day to day pain at all.  I still have
     not started lifting weights (besides the basic stretches you list) but
     hope to get going soon....starting slow and working my way up.
     When I first started the excercises I actually had more pain for a day
     or so...then it started to go away and got better and better every day.
     I keep doing the excercises every day and look forward to getting
     back to 100%.
     Thanks again,

     Frank Marini

     I really can not believe that you have followed up with me as you have.
     I have purchased a number of books and self-help programs and
     have NEVER had the author contact me afterwards to see how the
     information contained in the books is being of any use to me. 
     Nobody but you, Brian.
     More importantly, the exercises REALLY WORK!!!  I have a 
     complete tear: my surgeon calls it a textbook tear, the kind that is
     easily repaired because of its location, complete separation, and
     size.  All doctors and therapists I had consulted advised surgery
     to deminish the pain and repair the tear.  When I happened across
     your book, I thought that it couldn't help me -- but two weeks now
     into performing the injured rotator cuff exercises, I am taking
     less pain medication, and have ultimately decided to put off
     surgery for another month just to see how continuing the
     exercises will help.  Just maybe I will not ever need the surgery. 
     Thanks for making the exercises and how to perform them so
     simple.  Best investment in myself I ever made.
     Thanks Brian.
     Always grateful,





     I just want to tell you how much your training guide has helped me.

     I was in pain for such a long time, there would be days and

     nights that I would be in tears because the pain was so bad

     and was taking everything under the sun to relieve the pain

     and NOTHING helped.  I ordered your training guide and started

     using it and HONEST within a matter of days the pain started

     to go away, I was just amazed, your training guide is like a

     miracle.  Thank you so much.


     Michael Anderson







     Thank you for your concern.  I am an artist and I suffered a rotator

     cuff injury taking a spill on the ski slope last new years eve.  I

     was not completely debilitated but due to the nature of my work

     (painting murals, sometimes on ceilings) the pain was becoming

     increasingly unbearably the end of a day.  Anti-inflammatory

     helped some but the problem was growing worse and I thought I'd

     have to give up my passion or have a painful/expensive operation

     with no guarantee of results.


     It's been one week and I have full range of motion back and

     only minor pain with some actions and some stiffness in the

     mornings.  At this rate I should be able to do pain-free pushups by

     next week or the week after and I'm already able to return to painting

     as long as I'm careful and limit the hours per day.


     Thank You so very much.  Your book has saved my career.



     Denver M. Lane







     I have been using the exercise program for three days now.  Four

     days ago, an orthopedic surgeon/sports medicine specialist

     examined me and ordered an MRI of my right shoulder.  I was

     subsequently diagnosed with a severely swollen bursa sack, and

     calcium build-up on the tendons.  My right shoulder (dominant

     shoulder) was nearly 100% locked due to the swelling, pain

     and weakness that was present.


     The Doctor approved of the exercise program which I

     purchased from you, and recommended that I start stretching and

     exercising immediately.  In just over 72 hrs, I have used your

     program of stretching and exercises to an amazing result.  I

     am nearly pain free, have near normal mobility, appreciable

     return of strength and a total absence of swelling.  Your program

     has empowered me, a lay person, to rehabilitate, recuperate and

     return to normal activities, all in the comfort of my own home.


     I am grateful beyond measure for the resource that you provided

     and I am making your stretching and strength training programs an

     essential element of my daily fitness and wellness program.


     Best Regards,


     Bob Bond, Age 50







     I have had great results using your program of rotator cuff

     exercises.  After implementing a daily routine based on your

     Rotator Cuff Training Guide, I saw immediate improvement in

     shoulder performance and a reduction of pain.


     After following your program for two weeks I saw an orthopedic

     surgeon about my shoulders. After he examined me and looked at

     some X-rays, and was going to recommend supervised therapy at a

     clinic. After I told him what I had been doing at home using your

     guide, he decided to allow me to continue with my "at home"

     therapy.  My doctor had nothing to add, so I guess he could

     not improve on what you outlined in your book.




     Alan Stewart

     Studio City, CA





     Dear Brian,


     The results over the past 4 weeks have been amazing.  I ice

     pack 4 times a day, followed by self massage of injury then

     hydrotherapy in a large spa.  I then use selected exercises from

     your book with wonderful results.  Pain has ceased at nights, I

     can swing my arm right over like in bowling a cricket ball ( I know

     you fellas play baseball) and I have complete movement to do all

     the daily tasks including landscaping moving quite heavy

     blocks into position.  I can get my arm half way up my back but

     dont have to contend with a bra strap!!!  So thats no worry. 



     Thank you so much for your help and encouragement.  The

     next time I see the doctor he will be in for a shock as he

     resigned me to pain for at least 18 months to two years with

     little improvement in movement ever.  When you consider that

     before meeting up with you via the internet I couldn't raise my arm

     more the 10 degrees from my side and that after 6 months of trying.

     Thanks Brian as you have worked wonders, but it does take

     perseverance and time and I had plenty of that because I couldn't do

     anything else!I  Will keep in touch.  Thanks once again.


     Jack Knapp, 71

     Australia New South Wales





     All of your information made 100% sense to me.  I have been

     able to sleep most of the night.  I can raise both arms with much

     less pain.  I am beginning to be able to extend my arms and lift very

     light objects.  Thank you for the book.  It was a bargain.    I look

     forward to getting home every night to continue the training.


     John Lambert





     I have now completed week 4 of the programme and cannot
     begin to tell you what a difference this programme has made
     to my life.  After week 2, I had the first decent nights sleep for
     almost a year - with no analgesia.
     My range of motion, though not fully recovered, has improved
     markedly.  A couple of the exercises cause a bit of discomfort so
     I limit the range of motion.  I look forward to a full and complete
     recovery soon.  Thank you once again.
     Marion Davidson



     Thank you Brian for the follow-up,


     I've been using your recommended exercises twice a week

     for three weeks now and for the first time in a year I can sleep

     pain free.  I'm 53 yrs old.  I did surf twice a week and lift weights four

     times a week.  About a year ago my shoulders started becoming

     sore.  They got worse and worse so I had to begin cutting certain

     exercises out of my routine.  That didn't help and the pain got worse.

     I cut more and more exercises and finally two months ago I even had

     to stop surfing.  Still no improvement.


     Finally I got on the Internet and after doing some research I found

     your book.  I started your exercises right away and the first

     week the pain got better.  Now after three weeks I have no

     pain most of the time and I'm slowly introducing exercises back

     into my routine that I had to cut.  If things keep getting better I'll be

     pain free and back on my surfboard.


     Thanks again for all your help and my new knowledge...


     Steve S.





     Hi Brian,


     The exercises have certainly helped my pain relief in the

     shoulder.  I am an avid gym goer and it is very frustrating not being

     able to train at the gym my usual routine.  However after using your

     exercises and avoiding the routines that annoy the shoulder I can

     certainly say that the pain has diminished and I am on the road to

     recovery and am confident now that surgery in this case is not



     I did a couple of years ago have to have part of my collar bone

     removed on the right shoulder which also had a tear in the rotator

     cuff and feared the worst for my good shoulder.  But thanks to you

     and the exercise programmes that you have put together I

     don't think that surgery is now necessary.  Thank you for

     taking the time to do it and help people.  It was a God send

     and also very easy to find.


     Best Regards,







     I ordered your training book online about 5-6 weeks ago. At that

     time I hadn't swam in 5-6 weeks due pain in my right shoulder and I

     was beginning to feel very frustrated since rest wasn't improving the

     shoulder.  Yesterday I swam 2200 meters and my shoulder felt



     Your book identified what was causing the shoulder pain (improper

     lifting technique with dumbbells was the cause of the pain - it was

     not swimming) and provided helpful exercises on healing and

     strengthening the shoulder area. I noticed improvements in my

     shoulder almost immediately from doing your exercises.  I

     had one set-back in the second week when I tried to do to much too

     soon, but quickly settled into a 2-3 times per week program.  I will

     continue to provide weekly maintenance to my shoulders by following

     your program 1-2 times per week.


     I now feel ready and on target to begin my training program for

     Ironman Coeur d'Alene.  The guide was the best training

     investment I have ever made.  Thank you for the helpful and

     straightforward training guide.




     Banff, Alberta, Canada







     I am a 42 year old martial artist.  My training had irritated a shoulder

     problem of some years and lead to a pretty bad case of tendonitis.

     I followed my doctor's orders and used your training regime to

     rehab my shoulder.  I have been very impressed with the

     decrease in pain and overall better mobility in the injured joint.

     I have been able to resume almost all my normal training in karate

     with minimal discomfort and have noticed that daily use of the

     shoulder is now painless.


     Thank you for providing help.  My doctor had told me to exercise the

     shoulder for strength but had given no guidance.  Your book is a

     wonderful resource to those hurting.







     I'm on the 3rd week of the 'inflamed or injured shoulder'
     excercise plan and I am really seeing good results.  I read the
     book very thoroughly and thought it was definitely worth the
     money I paid.  By 'using pain as my guide' and not doing too much
     while focusing on light weights and high repetitions, I am finally able
     to go through the day without any throbbing pain or shooting
     pain when I reach across my body.  I especially like some of the
     new excercises you described in the book (using the medicine ball)
     which are ones I haven't seen before.  I also like how you have
     focused on the stabilizer muscles as well in addition to just the cuff
     muscles.  Very good job!
     Nashvile, TN



     I have completed the 6 week rotator cuff rehab program and I am 
     quite impressed and grateful for this program.
  Although it took

     as long as 6 weeks, I have relief from discomfort that's been

     bothering me for years, and just the education of how the

     shoulder works and what the causes are of rotator cuff

     injuries has been most useful.  I  found the exercise guide clear

     and easy to follow.  I've continued doing the 'healthy shoulder series'

     and gradually adding weight and also adding in other exercises.

     Thank you so much.

     Andrew Skeens 






     I just wanted to write and let you know that my husband has had
     great results since he started the Rotator Cuff exercises listed in
     your E-Book. He noticed a marked improvement after the first
     week; and now it has been 5 weeks since we got your book
     and his shoulders are much, much better!  Thank you so very
     much for your book!




     Thanks for such a great resource!!  I have not been able to throw

     a baseball/softball for many years and for about 9 months now have

     not been able to throw a football. I reached the "end of my rope" the

     day I found your book online.  I saw my wife throwing the football

     with my daughter and said "THAT'S IT!! I'm going to get proactive

     and solve my rotator cuff problem!!!!"  A quick Google search and

     there you were. 

     I'm basically pain free until I try to throw something overhand.  I've

     noticed I have more range of motion since using your "Injured

     or Inflamed Shoulder Series" for about a week!  I can make a

     slow overhand throwing motion with no discomfort. I think you've

     really got something here!!

     Thanks again

     Guy Floyd





     Thank you again for the invaluable information that has already

     started to benefit me.  I have purchased your book on-line and have

     already begun to improve my shoulder with the recommendations

     listed in the book.  I will recommend this book to everyone that 

     wishes to learn how to reduce injuries to their shoulders &

     rotator cuff.  Thank you!!







     Thanks so much for the e-book. It has really helped.  I purchased it

     for a friend of mine who is very devoted to his workout regimen and

     to have such pain in his shoulder was really causing problems. The

     seven tips also alleviated a great deal of his pain.  This was a last

     resort before going in for surgery and seems to be doing the

     trick.  So thanks again.







     My husband ordered your materials and has had a dramatic

     response.  We're thrilled.  He had his left shoulder operated on

     2 years ago for impingement problems due to a bony overhang. 

     The surgery went very well and his shoulder is great. However, his

     right shoulder has the same condition.  He wants to avoid or at

     least delay surgery there.


     He has seen a dramatic reduction in pain ( to pain free

     levels) and restriction.  We now feel he can avoid surgery.

     He's been using the materials about 3-4 weeks and it was

     well worth the cost the first week.







     Thanks for your shoulder program.  I have made great

     improvements.  The pain is basically gone, I can sleep on my

     side again, and my strength and flexibility in my injured left

     shoulder is improving every day.


     I'm a 48 year old male and I had been in pain for 11 months with

     very reduced movement and tingles down the arm etc and after   

     various treatments of my own, rest, doctors, x-rays, three different

     physio's and an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon looming,

     I found your website and Ultimate Rotator Cuff Training guide.


     After two or three weeks doing your Injured or Inflamed

     Shoulder routines most of the pain was gone and it's been a

     steady improvement since.








     Hi Brian,

     I've been rehabbing my rotator cuff with some of the
     techniques from your book, and the results have been really
     good.  Anyhow, I just wanted to thank you for putting together such
     a comprehensive tool. I've done quite a bit of (poor man's)
     research into shoulder injuries myself, and it's been awhile since
     I've found any new and useful information. Your book covers the
     shoulder, it's built in flaws, and ways to address them, with
     more precision then anything I've come across.





     Your tips so far have helped dramatically.  Last evening I used

     the ice on the shoulder before bed and this has been the first time

     in a long time, I was able to go to sleep without pain.  During the

     day I was peeling peaches and I rested my arm on an overturned

     bowl while peeling and it didn't hurt like it usually does.  Thank you

     for the tips.







     Brian, it is just what I was looking for...a straightforward group

     of beneficial exercises to improve my strength and overcome

     current and future shoulder bursitis.  As I regularly do a group of

     these exercises, I am making good progress and have confidence

     that I am doing the right kind of exercises.







     I am pleased to inform you that your training program is working

     very well. I am using a combination of stretching, range of motion

     (cane exercises), and strengthening exercises. In two weeks I

     achieved significant improvement in flexibility and pain relief.

     After a month I know that my strength is returning, and my shoulder

     pain continues to diminish. Your program is definitely working.

     Thank you for making it availible.







     Your program has eliminated most of my pain!  For that I'm

     grateful.  Your program has been easy to follow and pretty painless.










     Your guides and information have been very helpful.  I was

     diagnosed with Rotator Cuff Tendinitis approximately 10 years ago.

     Since then my ability to engage in activities I enjoy has been limited.

     I've always tried to take care of myself and my shoulders to keep them

     healthy.  However, the information you have provided is very up to

     date and I feel you are staying current with trends and technologies

     concerning shoulder and general health care as they progress.


     I've been using your guide since I purchased it and have made

     great strides with my workouts as a result.


     Thanks again,


     Mike Worthen 





     Dear Brian,


     I recently ordered and used your program for rotator cuff

     injuries.  I have completed the six week program and am now

     slowly returning to my regular exercise program.   My physician

     and therapist agree that I injured my rotator musculature and superior

     bicep insertion apparently while doing the plank and up dog postures

     as part of the yogi sun salutation.  I was doing this from completely

     flat on the mat in the plank position.  I exercise on a regular basis 4

     days/week and have done so for years without any significant injuries.

     The yogi routine was new in my program.  I think I made the same

     error as you refer to in going "too deep" in various exercise e.g.

     bench presses.


     Your program has been excellent for me and I am 95%

     recovered from the injuries.  The bicep portion seems to be

     hanging on a little longer, but I feel that it will resolve also with time. 

     Brian thanks again for your expertise and I would highly

     recommend your program to anyone that has these types of

     injuries or issues. 




     Dr 8888





      Dear Brian,


     Received your most welcomed e-mail, and I certainly thank you for

     caring.  I did real good taking my exercises until the holidays, and

     that kind of took up all my spare time.  But I'm back into the groove

     again now.  The exercises have certainly helped my shoulder. 

     I have very little pain now, and some days I don't have any

     pain.  I'm sure glad I didn't go the surgery route.


     I shall continue the exercises now and they should keep me fit and

     ready for our busy summer.  We work very hard during the summer

     with the rock garden and also with all the Motel work.  It keeps us

     going from 7am until 11pm.  Our winters are very slow, so we get

     more rest time.  Again, I thank you for your help, and concern.


     Mary Musick







      I ordered your e-book while deployed here in Iraq.  I've had a

      nagging pain in my right shoulder for several years, probably

      stemming from my college and post-college football playing as a

      quarterback.  Additionally, I did many years of heavy lifting without

      any strengthening of the rotator cuff muscles.  About 2 years ago,

      I stopped doing any bench pressing altogether.


      I started using your program about 3 weeks ago, and the dull

      pain I've had has already been greatly reduced, to the point

      that I am doing bench press work and shoulder work

      (specifically military press and lateral raises) again with

      virtually no pain.  By the way, I've also taken your advice of only

      going to the 90 degree point of elbow flexion for all of those

      exercises.  Thanks so much for the outstanding e-book.









     "Your program has been great.  My shoulder has improved

     considerably.  I have just completed Week 4 and the gains are

     obvious.  I no longer wake up in the night with pain and cramps.

     Last week I actually threw a baseball for about an hour, hard! 

     Thanks so much!"


     Dave Wetmore





     I finished the 6 week rehab program this past week -- so far it's
     looking like a big success.  I hired a swim coach to help me correct
     the stroke flaws that were causing my shoulders to get hurt.  He put
     me through swimming workouts of 1500, 1700 and 1800 yards in the
     first week, and I got through them without a hitch.  I'd say my
     shoulders and rotator cuffs are as good now as they've been
     in years, and regular every day movements are better too, not just
     the swimming.
     Thanks for putting the Rotator Cuff guide together and getting it to us...
     Mike Denzien



     Hi Brian,
     Thank you so much for your advice!! As I told you, I was still in a lot
     of pain after weeks of PT and was very discouraged.  After
     only a couple of days on your program, I felt so much better!!!! 
     I have been on your program for about 4 weeks now, and there are
     big blocks of time during my day that my shoulder is not aching and     
     I have no pain at all!!!! It is a miracle!!!! All of your tips have
     worked!!!!! And, the exercises are easy and I can do all of them with
     little or no pain!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

     Dear Brian,


     I'm 4 weeks into your program and I can report that I am pain

     free!  After 5 years of shoulder and upper arm pain, I am extremely

     happy with the results. I no longer have the problem of trying to find a

     sleeping position that does not put pressure on either of my shoulders

     and for the first time in years I can drive with my hands at the 15

     minutes to two position on the wheel.  I can honestly say that the

     results have surpassed my expectations.


     Thank you.


     Dave Champness




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